Our Story

The will to do good is one of the strongest characteristics of entrepreneur Carl Horn af Rantzien, the founder of The Real Stevia Company. He saw a need for a nutritional change in the society and when travelling to Paraguay he  found that stevia could be an important part of a solution.

It was important to give something back to earth and to the people growing the stevia plants in Paraguay. Education and support of the farmers on how to cultivate stevia in a sustainable way was a key pillar. At the same time he saw stevia as an opportunity to prevent the international obesity and diabetes crises by changing consumers nutritional behavior, and reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners in their food and drinks.

Facts & Figures

The Real Stevia Company was founded 2003 by Carl Horn af Rantzien in Stockholm, Sweden. But the story started even earlier in Paraguay in the 1840´s when John Wilhelm Smitt, the great grandfather of Carl Horn, was the first person to export yerba maté and yerba dulce (stevia) from Paraguay to Argentina.

We are a company with close to 400 shareholders with the Horn af Rantzien family as the biggest owner. We work with 11 distributors in 18 countries around Europe and we also have direct sales inside and outside of Europe.

Read more in our Sustainability report 2016 (pdf, 2.6MB).

Find out more about our Environmental Policy (pdf).


Certifications & Memberships

ISO 9001 and 14001 certified  since 2012 and 2013 respectively

AEO Certified since 2013

Members of  International Stevia Council

Members of Sedex Global

Members of Social Venture Network


2016 Sugar tax legislation becoming a trend
2015 New distributors in Europe
2014 World leader in production of organic stevia leaves
2013 New distributors in Europe
2012 New distributors in Europe
2011 Distributors in Europe
2011 Stevia approved in EU
2010 ISC co-founded
2010 Fundación Granular PY est.*
2009 Trademark Real Stevia reg.
2008 External shareholders entry
2008 Stevia approved in the USA
2006 Partnership in China
2004 Subsidiary in Paraguay
2003 Granular AB is founded

* Fundación is a trust outside the Granular Group co- founded in Paraguay for the future of smallholder farmers.

The Founder


The Real Stevia Company´s founder, Carl Horn af Rantzien.