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Products & services

We offer stevia leaves, stevia extracts and stevia blends. We also provide services in formulation, agriculture, process technology and marketing.

Our product portfolio all derives from sustainable grown, top quality stevia leaves. To present real products to our clients and the consumers is our top priority and we are happy to see that the demand is wide.

To create the best end product you need knowledge. Knowledge about stevia and knowledge about formulation. Our real knowledge and passion for stevia help our clients in the process of creating healthy and tasty products.

Are you looking to reducereplace or renew your products with stevia? In our product portfolio we offer stevia leaves, stevia extract and stevia blends.


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Real Stevia™ Leaves

All of our Paraguayan origin leaves are fully traceable down to the smallholder farmer they are coming from.  We can assure you that they’ve been picked and dried with care.

Real Stevia™ Extracts

Pure steviol glycosides are extracted from stevia leaves in a tender process using water and ethanol. This naturally sweet extract can be offered as powder or granulate.

Real Stevia™ Blends

Our Stevia blends are concentrated extracts mixed with erythritol and therefore has a more moderate sweetness. We have ten different blends to offer.