real sustainability

Real Sustainability

To grow stevia in a sustainable way is one of the natural components of our business. But it’s more than that. It’s about an approach to everything. Human, Environmental and Corporate.

Through our presence in Paraguay and regular field trips to the farmers both in Paraguay and China we meet and exchange knowledge and experiences about how to make the best possible product with our planet in mind, while supporting the local farmers.

Wilmar Restrepo

“Our dreams and aims for the future? To include more and more farmers to our network and get them to understand the benefits of cultivating in a sustainable way. There’s a pride in the stevia plant in Paraguay, it’s a part of their heritage and everyday life”
– Wilmar Restrepo, Agriculture Director

In Paraguay we have established Fundación Granular, a foundation that support local farmers. The foundation gives farmers training and knowledge on how to cultivate stevia organically. The Real Stevia Company supports Fundación Granular in its work to provide technical support on location.

Our commitment to the environment is important. We see how the climate change during the last years affect the world and the stevia production all around the world negatively. We see it in both China and Paraguay. Also working for better health in the world is a big issue for us. By assisting the food industry with an alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar we hope to help present and future generations.

We believe in minimizing our footprint on “spaceship earth” as our founder Carl puts it…

“Real sustainability – a vision, mission and a daily work”


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AEO Certified since 2013

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