Our four worlds

The Real Stevia Company is active in the entire value chain from plant development through a water based extraction process to stevia as an ingredient and a tool for natural sweetness in sugar reduced products.


The Plant

Stevia is a small shrub native to South America. The scientific name for stevia is Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni and it is a member of the largest family of plants, Asteraceae which is also called the “sunflower family”. There are 240 close relatives of stevia and they are all herbs or shrubs originating from the tropical and semi-tropical areas. Stevia typically is grown to 60 cm in height before the plant is hand-harvested and its leaves dried.

The natives used the leaves of this herb to counteract the bitter taste of the popular drink ‘’mate’ (a tea-like beverage), and also as an herbal remedy for various ailments. Dry stevia leaves are about 40-60 times sweeter than sugar, steviol glycoside extracts are about 300 times sweeter than sugar.


The Process

Stevia leaves contain sweet tasting components called steviol glycosides. These constituents are released by steeping dried stevia leaves in water, filtering and separating the liquid from the leaves and stems. When this liquid is furthered purified with food grade alcohol in a process very similar to the production of sugar, the result is stevia extract.

The main steps in the process can be summarized as :
Step 1: Harvesting and drying leaves of stevia plants
Step 2: Extraction by soaking in water
Step 3: Filtering out undissolved leaf parts
Step 4: Separation of glycosides from other solutes
Step 5: Drying and crystallization


The Ingredient

Stevia is an ingredient from the stevia plant. A natural calorie free sweetener mainly for the food producers but also for aware and caring consumers. Sweeteners of all kind are very common in food and drinks. Stevia can replace artificial sweeteners, reduce sugar, renew the way of eating and drinking.


The Product

What are we eating and drinking?
We care about the consumers and about healthy food. That’s why we are offering real stevia to the food and beverage industry and assisting them to develop top products. Sustainable eating, drinking from farm to fork.